Aloha from Our Guests
Wow! What a fantastic time we had here! Thanks so much for the use of your fabulously located, wonderfully comfortable, totally cool home!
I just wanted to send you my thanks and gratitude for a sharing your Hilo home with our family. We had a wonderful time full and laughter and many fun adventures. You home is perfect for a family gathering. NO words can truly convey how happy we were in Hawaii and how pleasant it was to be in your home!
Thanks & Gratitude
I loved my visit to Koloa House. The weather was perfect! I was very taken with the comfort of the house and the surrounding area. My bed was a little slice of heaven....soooo comfortable. We cooked some nice dinners in the kitchen and enjoyed the the relaxing living room. My favorite part was the short bike ride to Richardson Beach. I also enjoyed being close to town and visiting the farmers market and eating a good breakfast at the Bear's Coffee Cafe. Thank you and I can't wait to go back!
Slice of Heaven
One of the greatest moments ever was hearing my 5 year old son giggle when he saw the fishes and sea turtles in Richardson Beach, snorkeling for the first time. I can't think of a better morning ritual than a swim with a giant sea turtle or a better way to fall asleep than being sung to by geckos and frogs. It was such a treat to spend time at the serene and lovely Koloa House.
Lovely Koloa House
Here's a picture that I'm sure you've seen many times! We can't say enough about our visit to Koloa House. The minute we stepped foot inside your home, we could already feel how comfortable this week was going to be. Between being lulled to sleep in the evening by the geckos and the frogs and waking up to the sound of a passing rain shower then listening to the birds singing away, we had such a great time, we can't wait to visit again soon. What a beautiful place to celebrate an anniversary and invite your best friends for their first ttip to Hawaii.
Can’t Say Enough